VISIVA is the shop that opens the way in 2007 to the optical-creative research of Gianluca Cremoni.

This project expresses the desire to go against the tide and to break the mold, both in the selection of the product and in the way to display and present it. A research and concept that mature over the years and lead to the opening of APART in 2014.

The selection and research of the product are realized in the belief that sight is a primary good that is possible to transform in something more: a beautiful, original and well-constructed accessory.


VISIVA is located in Verona in Borgo Trento district, adjacent to the old town, near the Adige river.

The spaces present a strongly contemporary design, in continuity with the history of the company, well-known for the professionalism and the fittings proposed during its long activity.


APART is located in Verona near the Scaliger Tombs, a central but slightly secluded area of the historic center.

The location is rich in history and it was restored in 2014. The 16th century uneven floor and the play of lights and shadows define a place with clean and rational geometries. The central wooden monobloc is divided in functional seats. The plexiglass shelves seem to float in the void and dematerialized objects in shadows on the wall.